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Type: Emulsion
Manufacturer/Distributor: Hudson Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Generic Name: Benzyl Benzoate 25% Emulsion


Side effects: Irritant to the skin, burning sensation especially on genitalia and excoriations; occasionally rashes.
Precautions and warnings: Children; avoid contact with eye and mucous membrane.

Pregnancy category:Not categorized yet

Child: Recommended

Therapeutic class: Benzyl Benzoate

Dosage and administrations: Scabies- after a hot bath apply to whole body except head and face. Repeat the same within five days. Or, apply for 3 consecutive days at 12 hourly intervals (morning & night) to the whole body except head & face. Change the clothes & sheets every morning

Indication: Scabies; pediculosis.

Composition action:


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